Lizbeth's Cookies

 Hamantaschen is a traditional Jewish holiday cookie.  It's baked for the holiday called "Purim".  The shape of the cookie goes with the Purim story.  I make them with a cookie dough as my mother's mom did and fill them with the traditional prune filling as well as apricot and chocolate!  All are delicious but my favorite remains the prune as they bring back memories of working in my grandmother's kitchen!                                      

$2.50 per cookie

Honey Cakes are traditional for the  Jewish New Year.  But they are great anytime you want to add a little sweetness to your day!I make them in many different sizes, with or without brandy.  I also offer a Chocolate Honey Cake which the kids love, young or old!

Star of David Honey Cake (Chocolate or Traditional, with or without brandy)  $25.00

Loaf Honey Cakes   Large 2 lb loaf $18.00

                           Small 1 lb loaf $12.00

Large Bundt    $25.00

Small Bundt    $20.00