Lizbeth's Cookies

"My dream of being locked up in a Jewish Bakery overnight came true - unbelievable!"                                                            

Michael H., Colorado

"OMG - what cookies!  I love the Biscochos with a passion!  Not too sweet just simply delicious"                                  Micky W, Colorado, owner  Massage Wisdom, Lafayette, CO

"Liz's cookies have exceeded my expectations.  I never knew cookies could taste so good.  Her signature cookie, the Toasted Pecan Mandelbrot, is my fave.  It is not a sweet cookie, but it is packed with an unique flavor and an amazing taste that will keep you wanting more.  Mandelbrot cookies are a great alternative to a heavy dessert.  Dip them into a glass of wine, and you will be pleasantly surprised how the flavors of the cookie and wine complement one other.  It is a fun way to entertain and impress those special friends at your next dinner party.  I order these quality cookies for all my special events, and order extra to have on hand to give as gifts!"                                                                        

Pat Postek , Colorado,  children's author

"Wow!   Talk about a cookie that melts in your mouth! These Pecan Mandelbrot are to die for! They have just the right crunch and sweetness to tantalize your cookie craving followed by the awsome melt in your mouth satisfaction! "  Marc & Helene Martinez, Colorado 


"I ordered Mandelbrot and Rugulah for the holidays and for unexpected guests.  Both recipes were freezable and beyond excellent....worth every bit!                                                                                                                                        

Bev Rouleau, Denver, owner  International Optique, Denver, CO

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        "TOO delicious!!! I mean, really great!   Almost finished the 3 lbs in one sitting!  I'm hoarding the rest!   They were loved by family and friends. Both the Truffle Bites and the Crackles were rich with the dark chocolate you used.  
I can tell you used the BEST!  Made with a perfect combination of ingredients!  Baked to a crispy perfection.          Light, not too dense, very chocolaty, very flavorful.
When you're ready to invest in the best, get Liz's cookies!
Robert P.  Florida
"The Toasted Pecan Mandelbrot" are  my husbands and mine favorite cookies!  They are our "breakfast" with coffee every morning.  Just delicious" 
Myhamh (Mary) Cites, owner, Look and Feel Good Super Spa, Lafayette, CO
"Liz brings creativity, artistry and enthusiasm to everything she does including her recent business
endeavor to develop a speciality bake shop.  I loved the apricot Rugelach, the Chocolate and the Toasted Pecan Mandelbrot were outstanding, but my favorite were the Biscochos.  The latter delicacy was a Turkish recipe belonging to Liz's grandmother and simply delicious.  The honey cake I purchased  looks great, but will be saved for the holiday.  Each item was meticulously wrapped and labeled with ingredient contents ideal for serving or as a perfect hostess gift. I know you will not be disappointed in anything Liz bakes...she is a very talented woman."                                                
Jan Foster, Broomfield, Colorado

 "I can't tell you how much my husband, friends, and I have enjoyed your cookies! The Pecan Mandelbrot was melt in your mouth delicious, the Rugelach; AMAZING! I served both Chocolate and Pecan Mandelbrot at a recent luncheon and was inundated with praise for Lizbeth's Cookies and requests for her website address. I hoarded and froze the Rugelach, doling them out to myself one at a time to be savored with a cuppa.

 Petaluma does not have a good old world bakery and this has fills a much needed void. Liz's European recipes are as golden as the era from where they were born. If you are looking for cookies that are deliciously unique, then Lizbeth's are just the ones for you! Thanks, Liz. This, as so many of your projects, is a major  winner!" 

Peg Grubb

HotGrubb Productions

Petaluma, CA


"I got up at 5 am and went downstairs-the package was there!!  Just made some coffee and put a slice of the honey cake in the oven. WOW~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this, honey cake heaven! It's a unique and perfect honey cake recipe. Very different and so much more flavor from the store bought honey cakes. Nice and dense, not too sweet, absolutely divine toasted with a small pat of butter. Yum! Something one might find in a cafe in Paris or a five star hotel in Vienna. This is a one of kind honey cake.   I guess it's going to be an exceptional and very sweet year for me (and you!)"

Cantor Rita Glassman, San Francisco, CA