Lizbeth's Cookies

This was a half sheet cake that I did for a special party.  It was a Mezzuzah party given by a Rabbi friend of mine.  I did all the cookies plus the cake.  The cake was a spice cake with a cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with gold edible stars.  The scroll was my idea and has the wording that is inside the Mezzuzah.  Both the cake and the decoration were a hit! 

This was a double 1/2 sheet cake for a Flag Day party.  Cake was a vanilla  genoise filled with a cream cheese buttercream filling.  Fresh fruit made the flag!  Can be done either a singe sheet or double. 

If you grew up in New York you know the favorite part of the meal in a Chinese Restaurant were the Almond Cookies!  I found two recipes, took the best from both and came up with a cookie that brings me back to  Kwong Ming in Wantagh Long Island!  Delicious!

If you love cream puffs, you'll love these!  I did these for an innaguration party for our President!   They're made with a traditional choux pastry and filled with a custard cream.  Your choice of powdered sugar or chocolate topping! 

These Pecan "Melt in Your Mouth"  cookies are my sweeties favorite!  I did these for an  innaguration party and they disappeared in seconds!  They're rich with butter and pecans; not exactly calorie friendly but worth every bite!     Simply delicious!