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Biscochos are a cookie my grandmother always had in her house.  The first thing we'ld asked when we visited was "Did you bake any biscochos"?  Her's were in the shape of a pretzel or twisted stick - mine are small rounds.  Same cookie... just a different shape.  It's hard to describe the taste but they are just delicious.  Finished with an egg wash and sesame seeds, you just can't eat just one!  They orginated in Turkey and I think there are variations of this cookie in many cultures.  With all the cookies I do, these still remain my favorite.  They have a very long shelf life but they're usually gone as soon as the bag is opened!  Great with a cup of coffee or tea or just by themselves, it's a cookie you have to try!       $7.99  8oz bag

Every Jewish grandmother baked Mandelbrot!  And every bakery in NY had this cookie!  Some are made with chocolate chips, some have nuts and some have all including maraschino cherries.  Mandelbrot is something like a biscotti only crunchier.  These have chopped pecans and cinnamon.  They are mini mandelbrot so there aren't many calories in one but the trick is to eat just one!  They keep forever but they dont stay around very long!  They're probably my most popular cookie!                   $7.99   8 oz bag   approximately 30 cookies per bag


This Rugalah recipe is older than I am and that's pretty old!  It's from a friend of my family who made the best Rugalah I ever tasted!  The dough is a traditional cream cheese pastry and the filling is apricot jam.  I also make this with a chocolate filling which is yummy but my favorite is the original, just like it was made over 60 years ago!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $2.00 per piece                                                                 

Chocolate Mandelbrot is my own creation!  I wanted a variation of the original Mandelbrot but not something that would overpower the delicacy of the other flavorings.  I added dutch cocoa with toasted almonds and got just what I wanted!  One of my friends said it tasted like a brownie but without the calories!           $7.99   8 oz  bag                                                                  

Triple Chocolate  Truffles  are the ultimate chocolate lover's cookie!  A combo of a truffle, brownie and cookie, they are  chock full of the best bittersweet &  semi sweet chocolate there is!  They're  a favorite of my grandchildren and  "chocoholic" adults!  If you love chocolate, you'll love these cookies!             $7.99  8 oz                                                

 "Kichel" or BowTies are a cross between a puff pastry and a cookie.  No butter, light as air, they are a flaky cookie with a caramelized bottom.  Great with coffee, tea or just by themselves, they are indescribably delicious!   At 57 calories each, they're a treat your waistline will love!    $7.99 8 oz bag

Pizzelles - The Italian cookie that everyone loves!  Light as a feather and a great combo with any beverage or alone!  Kids love them, adults love them!  They're a winner no matter how you look at it!  Bakers Dozen $7.99