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Only found in New York until now!  A cross between a coffee cake, danish and babka, veined with dark chocolate and a streusel topping drizzled with a chocolate granache, it's delicious!  This is a large cake, serves 12 to 14 depending on the size of the slice!

Can be frozen and also available for shipping.   


Traditional Honey Cake with just a little extra!  I put brandy in the cake which gives it extra depth and extra flavor!  But if you rather not have the brandy, we can make it to order for you!  

I also do a Chocolate Honey Cake which can be ordered with or without brandy.

Honey Cakes come in loaves, or bundts or Star of David specialty cakes.  Each one is just as delicious as the other... only the shape is different!

Large Bundt $25.00

Star of David Cake $25.00

Small Bundt  $20.00

2 lb Loaf      $18.00

1 lb Loaf      $12.00 

This is called a "MaryAnn Cake".   I think the name came from the pan that is used to bake it.  It's my honeys favorite cake!  The body of the cake is made with several different chocolates, all semi sweet and the top is a chocolate granache.  Slivered almonds are added for a garnish!  You just need a small slice of this and maybe a small scoop of vanilla gelato or a little whipped cream to finish it off!  Easily serves 16 people.